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Having been involved in the industry for over 2 decades now, I have travelled many 'minor' roads, met a fair amount of like-minded people, met new friends, assisted people with gigs ie caddying equipment, promoting and staging my own events and also performing on a fair few internet radio stations including the UK's most famous 'ROUGH TEMPO'. I have also briefly performed with DJ Kenny Ken, previously produced material for DJ Vibes and have had many great privileges in other certain major events I have attended over the years such as Breakology, Tazzmania, Heat and of course Helter Skelter where I was introduced to David Pratley and had one of the tunes I released, played in front of a whole crowd in the Rollers arena (next to the Sanctuary, Milton Keynes). I have built up a great network with the experiences I have had since I started raving back in 1996. I was also invited to host certain pub gigs etc and would always find some way of getting my lyrical talents through a mic of some description, somewhere. 

As for the continued music production side of my life I lead as a major hobby - with wishes to take it a whole lot more further, I'm happy to say that I have given myself a great deal of intuition over the years with regards to retro computing; I started learning about - and to produce electronic dance music on the commodore amiga computer back in 1994 - which gave me passion to master production on more modern resources and at present, I constantly work with Image Line's FL Studio although I am literate with Cubase SX3, Cakewalk Pro V6 and other various DAW applications. Determining my favourite genres generally though is somewhat of a difficulty. I'm inspired by lots of different styles but my passion for drum and bass, jungle and anything urban ever grows. Last but not least; as I continue to grow with the ever growing urban culture we all know, I'm not the only artist in this world who wishes to express their stories so I would also like to send my regards to anyone out there looking to make music their lifetime career in some way or another and wish you the all best of luck for the future.

M.C Garfe'e       

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